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Outlier is the third album released by Trellis.  


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Trellis is made up of Brian singing and Chris on guitar. Each have their roots in New Jersey, but didn't meet until they ran into each other in a billiards bar in Hollywood, CA.   

Together they have recorded three albums: Break Free, Love Each Other and Outlier. Each album has a unique story and feel. Break Free is gritty, Love Each Other is an acoustic album with strings, and Outlier is their purest Rock album that is both clean, crisp, and aggressive.

Previous Albums

Break Free


The first time Brian and Chris collaborated resulted in Break Free,  a gritty unappologetically hard hitting Rock N' Roll experience with driving beats and rich melodies.  

It is raw and rich all at the same time, bringing the listener in one direction and then erupting into something unexpected.  The nine songs reveal an experience and story that's been carved by their time in Hollywood, the perceived paradise where deceit and hope constantly collide.  


Love Each Other


After Break Free Brian and Chris created Love Each Other, an acoustic album. As Break Free was the story of where they had come from, this is the expression of what they had figured out after the smoke had cleared.  

Utilizing orchestral percussion, strings and a piano to join the acoustic guitars, Love Each Other is unplugged hard rock that is beautifully complemented and accentuated by classical instruments.


Smell the Roses

From the album Break Free:

Ray of Hope

Like a Dove

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New Album to be released in 2020


An instrumental song by Chris